Meditate through movies – The Prophet

I first read the book The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran about a decade back, and it left a lasting impression on me. The verses and thoughts on wide-ranging topics like life, children, work, death, and more; intuitively resonated with me. I have tried to subconsciously emulate his ideas and style in my writing and poetry.... Continue Reading →

Devotion and Work-Life Balance

My last post led to an interesting discussion with a friend on how does one stay on the spiritual path and yet perform worldly duties. As we start to lose the sense of our identities and merge with the all encompassing oneness, is it really possible to continue to have interest in day to day... Continue Reading →

Kirat Karni, earning a Righteous Living

We watched a Bollywood movie this weekend, Badmash Company or Fraud Enterprise.  I enjoyed watching it as it was funny and entertaining. The main premise of the movie revolves around a bunch of young guys who want to get rich quick, get into scams and eventually realize their mistake. They turn a new leaf and... Continue Reading →

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