dust to clay

dust from i cameand rock i becameuntil you came alongand your water made me clayto melt away againfor if you were a rockdust would both becomeso melt awaymelt away

Meditate through movies – The Prophet

I first read the book The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran about a decade back, and it left a lasting impression on me. The verses and thoughts on wide-ranging topics like life, children, work, death, and more; intuitively resonated with me. I have tried to subconsciously emulate his ideas and style in my writing and poetry.... Continue Reading →

Harr. Jap. Sat.

Sat da TapHarr da Japkar tu abb Jap wich SatSat wich Tapruk na abb Harr hi SatTap hi Harruth ja abb bol abb Satkarda Jap Harr. Jap. Sat. Poem signifies the journey of the sadhak, the student striving on the path of their teacher. To the Hindi/Punjabi language speakers, the poem is to read in... Continue Reading →

The Journey

In this journey, the sadhana (prayer-meditation) is giving experiences that are hard to explain or describe. The best one can do is, express it through art - as gratitude to that Universal Energy that binds everything. For the first time today, I have written a poem in my mother-tongue Punjabi and put it down in... Continue Reading →

Triggers, Anger and Ego

Have you heard of the Puffer Fish? Its a tiny fish species that has a peculiar defense mechanism when it perceives a threat. It Puffs up! To protects itself, it menacingly increases its size, almost instantly. Now just keep this in mind as you read further. I come from a long line of Angry Men,... Continue Reading →

Captain O’ Captain

Miles off the coast,having a good time Now winds are blowing strong,The mast is nearly flat,and I'm down on my back.Captain O' Captain, I have faith in you. The boat is taking on water,and starting to get sluggish.Some people are getting thuggishBut Captain O' Captain, I have faith in you. Having trouble getting the main... Continue Reading →

There is love in every heart ..

Sometimes I feel there is love in every heart Yet we fail to always see it Is it because we neither love ourselves much Or fail to see the light in our Neighbor's hearts O Kanhayia play the flute louder We need to hear the love in every heart Sometimes I feel there is love... Continue Reading →

Really, is that a Tattoo!?

Is that a Tattoo? Yes, it is my friend Oh so you ended with that too.. Well.. can't really pretend So did it hurt a lot? Not as much as you'd think And was this to be exact Oh the college years is the fact So what's that, a B with a snake Or maybe... Continue Reading →

Pebble and The Sea

So I was coming down the mountain and saw a waterfall and wondered what the.. Then came along another like me and said, "Dude have some fun it's all good to be" and I thought why not lets give it a try so we both came tumbling down and liked the ride A little while... Continue Reading →

Should she jump?

So she stands on the edge Looking down wondering Is it worth the jump Or consider surrendering The water seems blue But she can't see through Is it worth it she asks What if it is rough Will she come up Or  would  just drown Would it be fun Or turn everything brown And then... Continue Reading →

Dear Director

It's a nice play I seem to be in Acting my part as I begin To understand your grand motive For the acts are very creative I wonder how the next act will be How the actors will come to be Will they help me refine my lines Or make it tougher to climb What's... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name?

What's in a name you ask Everything and nothing my friend He is known by many names And you may call him whatever A traveler, nomad or hitchhiker But he is a Sailor to me

Deh Siva bar moh ehe, Grant me this boon

Following up on the earlier discussion on thoughts, words and actions, I would like to share one of my favorite poems/shabad from Gurubani. Deh Siva bar moh ehe, shubh karman to kabahu na taru Na dare aar seo jab jah lare, nischay kar aapne jeet kare Aar sikh ho aapne hi man ko, eh lalach... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and Meditation

Couple of months back I earnestly started meditating again in the morning. I have tried this couple of times in my life and the longest stretch lasted for about 3-4 months.  I was at a stage in life where almost everything was set in my life. However, there were issues and desires that troubled me,... Continue Reading →


We are all part of the One Awwal Allah noor upaya; Kudrat ke sabh bande Ek noor te sabh jag upajya; Kaun bhale kaun mande - Bhagat Kabirji, Sri Guru Granth Sahib One perfect lord manifested the first light; And of the same nature are all beings Though one light was the world created; so why worry who is good... Continue Reading →

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