Captain O’ Captain

Miles off the coast,
having a good time

Now winds are blowing strong,
The mast is nearly flat,
and I’m down on my back.
Captain O’ Captain, I have faith in you.

The boat is taking on water,
and starting to get sluggish.
Some people are getting thuggish
But Captain O’ Captain, I have faith in you.

Having trouble getting the main sail down,
and everyone’s starting to have their doubts
Captain O’ Captain, I have faith in you.

“Brijdeep, you are the Sikh sailor, no?, I am so happy you are on board.
Be quick and loosen the back stay!”

And I look, stare at the stay, I have no idea what the Captain just say.
I’ll learn my Captain, and I’ll learn quite fast, for I’m your “Sikh”
But Captain O’ Captain, your strength I need
For us to succeed

Crossing this mighty ocean, brings fear in me
But Captain O’ Captain, I’ll keep my faith in you.

And if it so passes, that we go overboard
I know your teachings will help me swim to shore.
But if I get tired, lend me a hand would you?
And if it is time for me to merge with the ocean,
I know you will embrace me as I sink to the bottom.

Give me the strength, Captain O’ Captain, to still have faith in you!

My Captain O’ Captain,
With love and gratitude,
This Sailor would sail with you,

Kepoikai – Crest of the Wave

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  1. You call me your Captain
    Have faith in me.
    I have your back,
    Surely succeed we’ll be.

    I test my sailors and give them challenges,
    For they need to fight winds so strong,
    Sea is vast, it has demons many,
    I make Sikhs to take them Onn.

    Never I said, It would be easy for you,
    You would loose some but later win them all.
    Don’t loose faith on me, I am sailing with you too.
    I’ll hold your hand when you feel tired for you are my SIKH who is mightier than all.

    It’s no time to sink,
    You are ment to sail.
    Sail to the farthest of shores,
    Tell them about me.
    Let them know what a SIKH truly is,
    Never who gives up, nor retires.
    He is meant to serve with all his might,
    Seva and Kirat are his swords meant to fight.

    I even make a small bird fight the mighty Eagle
    Remember my words my little bird,
    It’s time for you to spread your wings and take the flight of your life,
    For you are now ready to take on the waves,
    For you are assigned to bring the boat back to the shore.

    You call me your Captain
    Have faith in me.
    I have your back,
    Surely succeed we’ll be.

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