Tera kiya meetha lage – Shabad Guru Arjan

Life has taken some interesting turns over the last few days, bringing one to realize the futility of our thoughts and actions. Only when one is wholly confined, possibly staring at death, and at the mercy of others for existence, does the realization come – that one’s existence is at the grace and blessing of The Universe.

Three weeks back, I came to my hometown, visiting parents. About 12 days ago, my Uncle (his family lives upstairs in the family house), then a few days later, my Aunt tested Covid positive.

Then, a few days back, my Grandma (Aunt’s mother) passed away.

It was really sad that my Uncle and Aunt were not even able to see their mother one last time, and had to hear their kids sobs from across the closed door. Along with my Uncle’s son, parents and I, and few close relatives, took care of the funeral. We are now on Covid medication, assuming that we were likely exposed. And then, two days back, I developed a fever.

Meetha Meetha – Guru Arjan – sung by Shivpreet Singh

It is at such times that one’s faith and sadhana is tested – are you really sure you can stay on the path, do you really have it in you to keep going?
I have been listening to this Shabad by Guru Arjan, who composed this while being tortured to his last breath, for sticking to his belief system. I’m at a loss to even comprehend the level of spiritual heights one has to achieve to compose something like this while going through what he was going through. We may have the same spark as the Guru’s, but they were blazing fires, burning in the name, and love for their Divine.

Thankfully, with my other Uncle’s intervention, who is an MD, (god bless his soul for saving our family) timely and strong medication, my fever is now subsided and could have just been a viral fever. Still in isolation, though, only to be safe.

Yesterday night, my daughter, who has not seen me for only 36 hours, was banging on the windowpane and crying that she wants to hug me. If you are a parent, you will realize how heart-rendering it can be to be across the glass pane and not embrace one’s child, especially for their protection. One should keep that image in mind when making individual decisions in life, for they may come back to haunt.

Stay at home, and stay safe, everyone.

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