Harr. Jap. Sat.

Sat da Tap
Harr da Jap
kar tu abb

Jap wich Sat
Sat wich Tap
ruk na abb

Harr hi Sat
Tap hi Harr
uth ja abb

bol abb Sat
karda Jap

Harr. Jap. Sat.

Poem signifies the journey of the sadhak, the student striving on the path of their teacher. To the Hindi/Punjabi language speakers, the poem is to read in “Bir Ras” or the Warrior Spirit. This literary device was introduced in Sikh Philosophy by Guru Gobind Singh, the last Sikh Guru in human form. His way of teaching was not just of quiet contemplation, but of action oriented fervor. I humbly use the same to extol – Carpe Diem, seize the now!

English Translation:

Meditate on True Essence (with austerity)
Meditate on Universe (with devotion)
Now you must

True essence is in meditation
Meditation in Truth
Don’t stop now

Universe is Truth
Meditation is Universe
Get up now

Speak now Truth
Now Meditate

Universe. Meditate . True Essence

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