Divine Nonchalance

I came across this exciting phrase in the TV show “Dispatches from Elsewhere,” a quirky, feel-good, mystery comedy, sort of in the spirit of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. So the narrator, towards the end of the first episode, says – “Follow your Divine Nonchalance, and what do we really mean by it anyway?”

“It is a power that can only be found within. It is a perpetual quietness of heart when all around is seeming chaos. It is an unspoken understanding that somehow, through the trials and tribulations, fears and foes, you are protected by some timeless innocence, some eternal joy, some universal love that need not be named.”

I found the above verse beautiful. It encompasses so much in it, yet it is so simple and ethereal. It resonates with so many of the teachings by the masters. Its such a cool phrase 🙂

The show itself is a wild ride of whimsical, warmness to experiencing oneness! But I must warn that sometimes it drags, and it is hard to follow the storylines unless one pays close attention.

I found an interesting point in the last episode when Jason is feeling frustrated with the endless chase. He realizes that one only needs to know or think about “what to do next” at any given point. Again, it is a simple philosophy that, for me, essentially translates as go with the “flow” and be in the moment.

Have fun watching it!

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