Jugni – Sufi Hymns of Babas Fareed and Bulleh Shah

I’ve really started resonating with this composition by Band of Bandagai and sung by Tochi Raina. Have been listening to it often in the last couple of days and thought to put the lyrics down in English while translating the original Sufi hymns.

Baba Fareed and Baba Bulleh Shah were Islamic spiritual teachers belonging to the Sufi tradition. Most westerns probably don’t know that in the Indian Sub-Continent, Islam has had a very strong spiritual movement for almost a thousand years. This Sufi tradition emphasizes love and equality of all humans while propagating acceptance of all spiritual paths. Baba Fareed ji’s hymns are in fact recorded in the Sikh Holy Book, Sri Guru Granth Sahib by the Sikh Gurus – thus giving Baba Fareed the same exalted status as early Gurus from their own tribal affiliation.

Siblings of Destiny, I truly believe that spiritual teachings of Sikhs and Sufis belong to all humanity and not any specific tribe, culture or nation.

Today is Eid ul-Adha, so Eid Mubarak my Sufi brothers and sisters!

English Lyrics below, followed by translation

Ve Jugni Kehndi aa

Vekh Farida mitti khulli
Mitti uthae mitti dhulli
Mitti hanse mitti rove
Anth mitti da mitti hove
Vekh Fareeda
Vekh Fareeda

Look Fareeda the earth has opened
Picking up dirt was dirt washed
Dirt laughs and dirt cries
The end of dirt is in earth

Na kar bandiya meri meri
Na ye teri na ye meri
Char dina da duniya mela
Fer mitti di ban gayi dheri

O human don’t do mine mine
Neither is it yours nor is t mine
Of four days is this worlds fair
Then will become a pile of mud

Na kar etha hera pheri
Mitti naal na dhokha kar tu
Tu bhi mitti main bhi mitti
jaat paat di gal na kar tu
jaat bhi mitti paat bhi mitti
jaat sirf khuda di ucchi
baaki sab kuch mitti
vekh fareeda
vekh fareeda

Don’t do here your chicanery
With earth don’t do dishonesty
Dirt are you and I’m dirt too
Don’t do talk of your race and status
Your race is dirt and so is your status too
Only the race of Divine is exalted
All else is just dirt
Look Fareeda
Look Fareeda

ve jugni kehndi aa
oo man vich andar vasda e
ve jugni kehndi aa
oo har vele mainu vasda e
ve jugni kehndi aa
oo kan kan vich vasda e
ve jugni kehndi aa
o aankha de vich mere vasda e

Hey this fire-spirit says
They inside my mind stays
Hey this fire-spirit says
They all-time with me stays
Hey this fire-spirit says
They in every atom-speck stays
Hey this fire-spirit says
They in my eyes stays

ve jugni kehndi aa
o jag mag jag mag karda e
ve jugni kehndi aa
o rat du kyon firda e
ve jugni kehndi aa
o galla kuch kuch karda e
ve jugni kehndi aa
o na ali da lehnda e
ve jugni kehndi aa
ve jugni kehndi aa

Hey this fire-spirit says
Twinkle-twinkle IT does
Hey this fire-spirit says
While all night IT roams
Hey this fire-spirit says
Something IT whispers
Hey this fire-spirit says
Name of Ali IT takes
Hey this fire-spirit says
Hey this fire-spirit says

jab kisi ne baba bulleh shah no puchiya, ki baba ji,
“tusi ini gareebi which vi reh ke vi rab da shukria kistra karde ho?”
tad baba bulleh shah ni ki keha

When someone asked Baba Bulleh Shah,
“Babaji, how while staying in this poverty are you able to show gratitude to the Universe?”
Then what did Baba Bulleh Shay say –

charde soorj dhalde dekhe
bujhde deve balde dekhe
heere da koi mol na jaane
khote sikke chalde dekhe
jeena da na jag te koi
oo bhi puttar palde dekhe
usdi rahmat de nal bande
paani ute chalde dekhi

Rising suns, setting I have seen
Extinguishing lamps, shining bright I have seen
None know the price of a diamond
But keep exchanging fake coins
Those who in this world have none
Such sons nurtured I have seen
Through ITs power, there are men
Walking on water I have seen

Loki kehnde daal ni galdi
Main te pathar galde dekhe
Jina ne kadar na keeti rab di
Hat khali o malde dekhe
Kai para to nange firde
Sir te mangde chaava
Mainu data sabh kuch dita
Kyon na shukar manava

People say their lentils don’t cook
I, rocks being melted, have seen
Those who have not respected The Universe
Rubbing empty hands I have seen
Some roam bare feet
And ask shades over their heads
The Giver has everything to me given
Why shall I not show gratitude

Pad pad kitaaba ilm diya
Tu na rakh leya kaazi
Hat vich rakhke talwara tu rakh leya gazhi
Make madine tu fir aya, aur na rakh leya haaji
Ve Bulleh a tu hassil ki kita
Je yaar nu na rakhiya raazi

Reading constantly religious scriptures
You named yourself a Scholar
In hands taking up swords, you call yourself a Warrior
Mecca and Medina visited you have, and call yourself a Pilgrim
Hey Bulleh, what have you achieved
If The Beloved you have not kept inside

Ve sunle jugne
Tu dhu dhu karke kyon balda e
Teria mohabata ibadata
E ki janan loki
Tu dhu dhu karke kyon jalda e
Ve sunle jugnu tochi ki ki kehnda e
O na Ali da lehnda e

Hey listen Fire-Spirit
Why do you shimmer-shimmer and shine bright
Of your love and worship
What do they know, these people
Why do you shimmer-shine and get fired up
Hey listen fire-spirit, this Tochi (the singer) says
He takes takes the name of Ali

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful blog! When I first listened to this song, I kept on listening to it on repeat for almost a day. I came across this blog when I was searching for the lyrics of these songs. Then I noticed your posts on shabad music, Sikhism, Siddhartha, the prophet, and quotations from men’s search for meaning! I feel immensely lucky that I was exposed to all of these things gradually over the last five years. I just pray that May Lord blesses everyone with the fortune to be touched by these gems. Thanks for sharing your joy and thoughts!

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