Five Thieves meetup one night

As the moon shined bright
Five thieves show up
At the same house at night
They all greet each other
And say welcome home brother

Says one,
You know I think I ’m the greatest one
I swoop all in a thunderous run
And the owner actually enjoys the gun
Wondering when to drown again

Then the next one says,
Not so fast young one
For I have been around before your flood
Breathing fire and light in his blood
I make the owner seem a mighty stud

Hearing them the richest among them spoke
How can you considers yourselves the best
When I seem to be the one richer than the rest
For there is no limit to the shiny stuff
The owner keeps getting more in a huff

Then the handsome one looked around
And said need I say what you have found
A mere glance of me is the same
For him to part with all he came

The oldest among starts shaking his head
For he has heard this drivel time and again
I ’ve been around since before the house was built
And helped the owner fill it with all the bricks
For you guys would have nothing to steal
If I hadn’t created the structure to deal

Owner of the house woke up
And said to them while being polite
Please take as you please tonight
For I plan to break the house down tomorrow
And build it again the day after morrow

Five Thieves – Desire, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego

The poem uses metaphors and allegory to talk about the concept of 5 thieves or five major weaknesses in human personality as defined in the Sikh faith. Much has been written about this concept by Gurus and Philosophers alike, from all faiths and cultures. Most people generally acknowledge their struggles with these, even if they don’t admit it publicly.

Earlier, I have written about my experiences with Anger and Ego. Now, I’m exploring the 5 weapons, the five virtues as defined in Sikh Philosophy that one can work to build that might help save the self from the 5 thieves above. Hope to publish it soon.

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