The purpose of this blog is to share thoughts, experiences and insights while exploring philosophy, meditation and the teachings of Spiritual Masters of all traditions. By sharing our experiences we can all learn from each other and realize our oneness.

I belong to the spiritual path of Guru Nanak ji, the first Sikh Guru (teacher) and his disciples are called “Sikhs” (Student/Disciple). In the current time they follow the written teachings of the ten Sikh Gurus as recorded in Guru Granth Sahib, their holy book. Guru Nanak ji was a mystic, philosopher, poet, saint and teacher extraordinaire. His way of life has had a major impact on not just the people of north India, particularly Punjab, but now world over. He said that the ‘Name of The Divine’, in Sikh tradition ‘Waheguru’, is the ship that helps mortals cross the mighty river of worldly life and become one with the Universal Eternal Energy Flow.

Mallah (Sailor) is a disciple who is on a journey in the vast blue world ocean along with their Captain. Some of the views expressed by the author may not be inline with traditional interpretations of the Masters teachings and may even seem naïve. They apologize for their inexperience and ignorance, and humbly ask the Satguru (True Master) to continue to guide them.

Brij Singh ‘Mallah’

On this journey, some may come with their own ways to identify me. But I would like to consciously avoid any labels and maintain the spirit behind this nom de plume

Mallah Kaun .. Who is the Sailor

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