Virah – Love through separation – Song

I've been watching this TV Series on Amazon Prime - Bandish Bandits - which follows the journey of a young man who, through his hard work, struggles, failures, and overcoming his insecurities, reaches the pinnacle of success.   While the series was an entertaining watch, the music itself was astounding and never thought I'd be mesmerized... Continue Reading →

Jo Mange – Shabad Guru Arjan

As I enter my 40th year, a realization has started to enter that I'm not gaining years but losing them. There is no wisdom being accrued, but only intellect being lost. Only precious little breaths are left to hope to get even the minutest understanding of the mysteries of The Universe. And yet, any number... Continue Reading →

My Story by Taba Chake

Amme machar jhol khabe navikHum ghee ka swad kya jane I'm a fish and rice eating sailorWhat do I know of the taste of fine cheese I had an intense experience this morning and these lines completely filled my consciousness. Will be hard to describe the rest. I really resonated with this song --- My... Continue Reading →

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