Re man aiso kar Sanyasa – Shabad Guru Gobind

Its been a few days since I discovered and been mesmerized by this Shabad (musical composition) by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the 10th Sikh Guru, as sung by Shivpreet Singh. Lost I am – in the lyrics, in the voice, the composition and in contemplating the meaning behind it.

I have attempted to reconcile the various translations on the web and this video, with the understanding that Guruji has allowed me. Apologies for any of my mistakes, great poetry is tough to translate and convey the original essence.

Re Mun Aisso kar sanyaasa …

Ban se sadan Sabhaai kari Samjhoh
Mun He Maahi Udaasa
……………………………Re Mun Aisso kar sanyaasa …

Your home the forest treat
And in your own Self retreat.
………… O Mind, become such a renunciate

Jatt Ki Jatta,

Jog Ko Majjanu
Nem ke Nakhan Badaao.
Gyaan Guru Aatam Updesho
Naam Bhabhoot Lagaao..

……… Re Mun Aisso kar sanyaasa

Self-restraint the dreadlocks make,
Of spiritual practice the holy bath take
Daily reverence the long nails make.
With wisdom of Guru inner sermon ask,
The ash of Oneness the smear mark.
………… O Mind, become such a renunciate

Alap ahaar sulap Si Nindra
Dayaa Chhemaa Tan Preet
Seel Santokh sadaa Nir -mohibo
Hoyiiho Tigun Ateet
……Re Mun Aisso kar sanyaasa

With little food, moderate sleep;
Compassion, forgiveness, Self-Love;
And Calm, Content being always;
From all three qualities* detach.
………… O Mind, become such a renunciate

Kaam Krodh Hankaar Lobh Hath
Moh Na Mun So Laavaai
Tab Hi Aatam tat Ko Darse
Param Purukh Kah Paavaai
…. Re Mun Aisso kar sanyaasa

Desire, Anger, Ego, Greed, Obstinance,
And Attachment from the mind free;
Only then Inner-Self will you witness
And merge with all encompassing Oneness
………… O Mind, become such a renunciate

*Sattv, Rajas, Tamas

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