Hukam and the Surrender Experiment

What is ‘Divine Will’ really? The concept is omnipresent in most spiritual philosophies, but often so misunderstood. Mostly, we treat it is as some form of a diktat from a guy in the sky and hence are either fearful or indifferent to it, depending on one’s disposition. I read Mickey Singer’s book The Surrender Experiment... Continue Reading →

Covid, the Mind, Meditation and Yoga

Sars-Cov2, Covid-19 or Cornovirus, there is no escaping the effects of it this year, whether negative or positive. It’s such a strange disease, in the way it spreads, affects the body and the mind and the people around you. In my experience, it is more of a mental challenge than physical, affects the psyche of... Continue Reading →

Divine Nonchalance

I came across this exciting phrase in the TV show "Dispatches from Elsewhere," a quirky, feel-good, mystery comedy, sort of in the spirit of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. So the narrator, towards the end of the first episode, says - "Follow your Divine Nonchalance, and what do we really mean by it anyway?" "It is... Continue Reading →

Self-Love and Ram-ness

Have you ever caught lamenting your self? "I shouldn't have done that" or "I shouldn't have said that" or "Man, I lost my temper again." If not, then this post is not for you. It is for us lesser mortals who are struggling to improve and be a better version of ourselves. It turns out... Continue Reading →

Virah – Love through separation – Song

I've been watching this TV Series on Amazon Prime - Bandish Bandits - which follows the journey of a young man who, through his hard work, struggles, failures, and overcoming his insecurities, reaches the pinnacle of success.   While the series was an entertaining watch, the music itself was astounding and never thought I'd be mesmerized... Continue Reading →

Jo Mange – Shabad Guru Arjan

As I enter my 40th year, a realization has started to enter that I'm not gaining years but losing them. There is no wisdom being accrued, but only intellect being lost. Only precious little breaths are left to hope to get even the minutest understanding of the mysteries of The Universe. And yet, any number... Continue Reading →

dust to clay

dust from i cameand rock i becameuntil you came alongand your water made me clayto melt away againfor if you were a rockdust would both becomeso melt awaymelt away

Seva, meditate through Service

An essential teaching of Sikhi is Seva or service to everyone. Seva can be done in any form towards any living thing in whatever way possible, as per an individual's capacity. The most visible form of Seva for Sikhs, as prescribed by the Sikh Gurus, is Langar Seva or the community kitchen. In the Gurudwaras (Sikh Temples)... Continue Reading →

Meditate through movies – The Prophet

I first read the book The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran about a decade back, and it left a lasting impression on me. The verses and thoughts on wide-ranging topics like life, children, work, death, and more; intuitively resonated with me. I have tried to subconsciously emulate his ideas and style in my writing and poetry.... Continue Reading →

Vand Chakko, Share with others

Guru Nanak Devji, the first Sikh Guru, defined 3 pillars for living a moral and just life for his students. They are Kirat Karni or earning a righteous living, Naam Japna or meditate on the Universal Energy and Vand kay Chakko or share first and enjoy together. In this is encapsulated most of the temporal... Continue Reading →

Five Virtues – the essence of Sikh Philosophy

Previously I wrote about the Five Thieves, the five human weaknesses that rob one of its consciousness and disturb their being. The Sikh Gurus didn't just expound on the disease, they also prescribed medicines to fight it - The Five Virtues - Sat (Truth), Santokh (Contentment), Daya (Compassion), Nimrata (Humility) and Prem (Love). Though there... Continue Reading →

Harr. Jap. Sat.

Sat da TapHarr da Japkar tu abb Jap wich SatSat wich Tapruk na abb Harr hi SatTap hi Harruth ja abb bol abb Satkarda Jap Harr. Jap. Sat. Poem signifies the journey of the sadhak, the student striving on the path of their teacher. To the Hindi/Punjabi language speakers, the poem is to read in... Continue Reading →

Five Thieves meetup one night

As the moon shined brightFive thieves show upAt the same house at night They all greet each otherAnd say welcome home brother Says one,You know I think I ’m the greatest oneI swoop all in a thunderous runAnd the owner actually enjoys the gunWondering when to drown again Then the next one says,Not so fast... Continue Reading →

Doing vs. Art

Doing is pre-meditated, there is a plan, an element of "I am doing" and its "me" who has done. Art, happens. It is an expression of the inner consciousness that wants to shine and bring forth. Its is a communion with that Universal Energy Flow. So, Siblings of Destiny, let go of "Doing" and embrace... Continue Reading →

Nurture the Body, heal the Soul

Have you ever nurtured a house plant or a garden. If you give it too less water, it dies. But there are also plants which will die if you give it too much water, same for manure, sunlight. Each living creature has a delicate balance as dictated by nature. Humans are no different, but lot... Continue Reading →

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