The Journey

In this journey, the sadhana (prayer-meditation) is giving experiences that are hard to explain or describe. The best one can do is, express it through art - as gratitude to that Universal Energy that binds everything. For the first time today, I have written a poem in my mother-tongue Punjabi and put it down in... Continue Reading →

Men and their houses – A parable

Once there was a village which had four kinds of houses - green, blue, orange and white. It was a peaceful village where all the house owners loved each other and treated each other as brothers. They would share duties and each would become headman of the village through mutual consensus and in turns. One... Continue Reading →

Yogisthaan – Rules for being a human

My favorite café in Bangalore is in a quant little house in a quiet lane in Indiranagar. Yogisthaan is a Yoga School and Café with healthy food options and amazing hot and cool drinks, mostly all traditional Indian. I often have my meetings there; and miss meeting people over a nice cup or chai or... Continue Reading →

Letting go

After sharing my last post with a few friends, there was a debate on some of the points expressed in it. Mainly, the concern was around the nature of the apology and if there is the right intent or proportional weight behind it. Some expressed feelings that there is no way to forgive and especially... Continue Reading →

Nothingness has no religion

Nothingness has no religionSilence has no mantraSoul wears neither white or ochreDivine lives in neither stone or goldO Brothers and SistersWe are neither white or blackNor are we brown or yellowHear the Unstruck SoundFor it is forever with you Photo of a Black whole. Photo Credit

Devotion and Work-Life Balance

My last post led to an interesting discussion with a friend on how does one stay on the spiritual path and yet perform worldly duties. As we start to lose the sense of our identities and merge with the all encompassing oneness, is it really possible to continue to have interest in day to day... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Guru Sutra

Hingori ji has written in a lighthearted, simple and engaging manner about his journey from the first discovery of his Gurudev to his own realization as a Guru. It is rare in current times to read such a frank and matter of fact account, peppered with self-deprecating humor and pearls of wisdom alike. The fragrance... Continue Reading →

My Story by Taba Chake

Amme machar jhol khabe navikHum ghee ka swad kya jane I'm a fish and rice eating sailorWhat do I know of the taste of fine cheese I had an intense experience this morning and these lines completely filled my consciousness. Will be hard to describe the rest. I really resonated with this song --- My... Continue Reading →

Passion, Flow and Meditation

"There comes a point at 7000 RPM where everything fades. The machine becomes weightless. Just disappears. And all that's left is a body moving through Space and Time. 7000 RPM. That's where you meet it. You feel it coming. It creeps up on you, close in your ear. Asks you a question. The only question... Continue Reading →

Triggers, Anger and Ego

Have you heard of the Puffer Fish? Its a tiny fish species that has a peculiar defense mechanism when it perceives a threat. It Puffs up! To protects itself, it menacingly increases its size, almost instantly. Now just keep this in mind as you read further. I come from a long line of Angry Men,... Continue Reading →

Captain O’ Captain

Miles off the coast,having a good time Now winds are blowing strong,The mast is nearly flat,and I'm down on my back.Captain O' Captain, I have faith in you. The boat is taking on water,and starting to get sluggish.Some people are getting thuggishBut Captain O' Captain, I have faith in you. Having trouble getting the main... Continue Reading →

Dukh, Suffering and its Meaning

What is Suffering and why is there so much of it, I have often contemplated it. There is of course pain which is part of the existence of all living things, even plants. My wife has a health condition and goes through terrible bouts to pain on a regular basis. She has suffered through it... Continue Reading →

Guru Prem: Loving the Master

It has been a decade since I last wrote here and the practice has brought me back. In the meantime, I have got married, had a kid, changed careers, jobs, houses and states of mind, many times over. Almost seems a different lifetime. But such is the circle of life, it tends to find its... Continue Reading →

There is love in every heart ..

Sometimes I feel there is love in every heart Yet we fail to always see it Is it because we neither love ourselves much Or fail to see the light in our Neighbor's hearts O Kanhayia play the flute louder We need to hear the love in every heart Sometimes I feel there is love... Continue Reading →

Really, is that a Tattoo!?

Is that a Tattoo? Yes, it is my friend Oh so you ended with that too.. Well.. can't really pretend So did it hurt a lot? Not as much as you'd think And was this to be exact Oh the college years is the fact So what's that, a B with a snake Or maybe... Continue Reading →

Pebble and The Sea

So I was coming down the mountain and saw a waterfall and wondered what the.. Then came along another like me and said, "Dude have some fun it's all good to be" and I thought why not lets give it a try so we both came tumbling down and liked the ride A little while... Continue Reading →

Mool Mantra, The Beginning

Mool Mantra is the fountainhead of spiritual wisdom of Sikh philosophy. Ek Ongkar. Sat Nam. Karta Purakh. Nirbhau. Nirvair. Akal Moorath. Ajooni Saibhang. Gurparsad. - Guru Nanak  Devji One Eternal Light. Word is Truth. Creator Of All. Without Fear. Non-Vindictive. Timeless Image. Without Beginning and Breaks. Guru's Grace. Mool Mantra, Guru Nanak Devji It is... Continue Reading →

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