Book Review – Guru Sutra

Hingori ji has written in a lighthearted, simple and engaging manner about his journey from the first discovery of his Gurudev to his own realization as a Guru. It is rare in current times to read such a frank and matter of fact account, peppered with self-deprecating humor and pearls of wisdom alike. The fragrance of their Gurudev almost comes through the book.

I liked the poems, couplets and sketches in the book, intriguing and contemplative at the same time. Small feedback, the embossed title of the book is starting to fade too quickly.

A few of my learnings are (after photo) –

Guru Sutra

  • The Guru – Shishya discovery and acceptance. I follow the Sikh Spiritual tradition and with our acceptance of Sri Guru Granth as an embodiment of our Guru. While it is accessible without too much difficulty, the understanding and full acceptance of the teachings requires a level of faith which is sometimes tough for young rebellious minds. But that too will come at its own time, through the grace of the Guru itself.
  • Acceptance of the Guru’s instructions and patiently following the path. Even though one may not understand the reasoning for the delay or stagnation of ones Spiritual journey at that moment, it may be all part of the karmic debts or lessons that the Guru wishes to impart to the disciple.
  • Importance of building humility on the path and understanding that each individual jyot (light) has its own path and journey. None is higher or lower and all are following the lessons that the Guru has set for them. One must not let Spiritual vanity creep in, for it will only inflate the ego and hurt ones own progress to the tenth gate.
  • Living honestly and modestly as a householder and yet pursuing the highest ideals of ones spiritual tradition with vigor, faith and courage.

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