My Story by Taba Chake

Amme machar jhol khabe navik
Hum ghee ka swad kya jane

I’m a fish and rice eating sailor
What do I know of the taste of fine cheese

I had an intense experience this morning and these lines completely filled my consciousness. Will be hard to describe the rest.

I really resonated with this song — My Story by Taba Chake

Meri Dastan by Taba Chake

Tanha tanha sa main rehta tha
Aankhon mein sapne bunta tha
Fir leher uthhi
Beh chala

Stay I used to in my own solitude
Stitching up dreams in my eyes
Then came up a wave
And was swept away

Kuch dara sehma sa main, nikal pada
Naye shahar mein chalta raha
Rukawaton se main
Na dara

Somewhat fearful and reticent, I started
In a new city as I walked
Through all the obstacles
I didn’t get scared

Nayi udaano ki dishaon mein
Uda uda sa main badhta chala
Manzilon ke main
Qareeb aaya

Flying to new directions
Fly Fly I did towards
Destinations did I
Come close

Aisa laga mujhe, jaise naya
Purana sab maine bhula diya
Woh jo thi meri

Thought to myself, perhaps the new
And old I have all forgotten
Those all that were my

Sabne jo dekhe the
Inmein ab hum rehte hain

Dreams I have seen
And in those we now stay

Yeh kya ho gaya, kahan main aaya
Badhta chala main yun nayi dishaaon mein
Naya hai samaaa, nayi hai hawaaa
Mujhko lagi jaise kisi apne ki dua

What has happened, where have I come now
Towards new directions I keep walking
New is this time, and new is this wind
Perhaps someone close has blessed me

Khud pe jo ho yakin
To rehmat-e barsengi

Belief when one has in oneself
The blessings will then rain

Yahi hai meri daastaan
Yahi hai meri daastaan
Sunani thi mujhe jo aaj
{na rukna, na thakna, na thamna, chahe jo bhi hoooo} Repeats

This is my tale
This is my tale
That I wanted to sing to you today
Don’t Stop, Don’t stay, No matter what happens (Repeats)

My Story – Meri Dastan

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