Deh Siva bar moh ehe, Grant me this boon

Following up on the earlier discussion on thoughts, words and actions, I would like to share one of my favorite poems/shabad from Gurubani.

Deh Siva bar moh ehe, shubh karman to kabahu na taru
Na dare aar seo jab jah lare, nischay kar aapne jeet kare
Aar sikh ho aapne hi man ko, eh lalach hau gun teo uchroo
Jab aav ki aaun nidhan banae, aat hi runn me tab joojh maroo

– Guru Gobind Singh, 10th Guru of the Sikhs


Grant me this boon O Lord, Never shall I shirk from a good deed
Neither be afraid of a righteous fight and walk with determination towards victory
Listen O Sikhs to your own minds, rise above its petty greed and hubris
And when the final call is made, embrace your end in the battlefield

The hymn is part of Guru Gobind Singhji’s Chandi Charitar Ukti Bilas, a section of Sri Dasam Granth. While this was and is still at times used more of battle cry to rouse up the troops, it has a greater meaning in living one’s life in my opinion

All the situations that we face in our daily lives create certain impressions on our minds. If looked carefully, it is these very impressions that govern how we react to situations and feel happy, sad etc. Now on the battlefield of the mind, always be aware of these enemies and ask the lord to help us do the right thing, be true to our nature. Through this, we can win over the daily battles and work towards the real purpose in our lives and walk without fear to the end.

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