There is love in every heart ..

Sometimes I feel there is love in every heart
Yet we fail to always see it

Is it because we neither love ourselves much
Or fail to see the light in our Neighbor’s hearts

O Kanhayia play the flute louder
We need to hear the love in every heart

Sometimes I feel there is love in every heart
yet we fail to see it..

i carry your heart with me. Photo by Shekhar Chauhan

Dedicated to my friend Damini Puri, who I love dearly.

3 thoughts on “There is love in every heart ..

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  1. Hey I believe in your philosophy as well. Love is the only thing that can cure the world we live in and the power to love is within each of us.

  2. Yes, I completely agree and so with most people. That said, it is very very hard to live this philosophy completely. Even a revolutionary or philosopher might feel some hate towards those who don’t believe in their ideas. However, for a true poet there is no room for hate.. only love for everyone with no exceptions, and believing that to the core of your being is the toughest thing in this world.

  3. Many hearts have love in them that does not get revealed…but alas some hearts have only darkness within them. I found the poem beautiful and thought provoking.

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