Letting go

After sharing my last post with a few friends, there was a debate on some of the points expressed in it. Mainly, the concern was around the nature of the apology and if there is the right intent or proportional weight behind it. Some expressed feelings that there is no way to forgive and especially if they don’t love their oppressor.

I struggled with a response to their thoughts as my conditioning wanted to agree with them. I had even reached out to two people from my past for reconciliation and was eagerly waiting for their response. The wait tormented me. In the end, I realized that they had already let go and it led to beautiful conversations and renewed friendships.

Realize the Oneness and the One will remove the darkness

After contemplating further and delving deeper through other sources, I’ve come to the same conclusions as were originally communicated by the masters.

Forgiveness weighed on a the scale of apology is not forgiveness, but the weight of the retribution one wishes. It measures the past, which is long gone, while imagining a future that is an illusion.

Forgiveness and apology are two sides of the same coin, to be paid to one’s own inner being to find it’s bliss. It has no value in another hand.

I know it is a tough to reconcile this and I will likely stumble on it myself, but that is what makes us human. The other day a friend wrote something which relates to the topic at hand.

Letting go is therapeutic

Excess Clothes
Excess Weight
Draining Relationships
Negative Thoughts
Bloated Ego

Cleanse periodically and rejuvenate often.

Rajesh Sawhney

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