Pebble and The Sea

So I was coming down the mountain
and saw a waterfall and wondered what the..
Then came along another like me and said,
“Dude have some fun it’s all good to be”
and I thought why not lets give it a try
so we both came tumbling down and liked the ride

A little while later the water became calm
and I wondered what is next
then came along another like me
wallowing away in the mud and smiling at me
it said “why wonder just wallow away while you can”
and I said why not, I don’t see any harm

And then some distance later I came across another
so it was a really smooth one talking to another
Saying why wallow and not to have fun
for we are going to The Sea so why bother
Its gonna be all sand anyways so it said
and let us contemplate on what it would say

And it seemed to me that this Sea is a little curious
Do all the pebbles know it exists
for on one hand I’m kinda scared
and on the other would love to just stare
Or is being sand so different from what I am
What the .. I’ll never know if I never went there

So I went along and came to a bend
And next what I see is never thought to end
Said it to me “Hello Mr. Pebble, nice to see you today”

The sea, the sea: calling out to you and me
The sea, the sea: calling out to you and me, Photo by Shekhar Chauhan

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